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I also created a new look for 2009. Please let me know if you like it better than the current one.

Why Stuff Happens

Welcome to my Blog.

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    Dec 21, 2008

    All I want for Christmas is to fix my teeth...fix my teeth...

    »

My blog serves a simple purpose. It's for remembrance. It serves the ever forgetful Memory. Because Life simply happens like an eraser on speed. I shall soon forget and so will you. In recording, in articulating, I hope to express and document a reality as I know it, created this very day with as much clarity as I know it today. In time to come, out of this remembrance shall be borne Magic, Myth and Nostalgia. I want this site to tell all these stories. Before I feel differently. Because I have.

I also wanted to have all the things I ever do on the web accessible in one place. Hopefully I never have to start anywhere else. From Music to Fashion, Accessories to IT Bags, I want to nail all the best online destinations for all kinds of nefarious activities here.

This is my space. For this very indulgence.

Slog, Clog, Blog
  1. A collection of thoughts on Favourite Things from friends to great finds, scrumptious eats and more
  2. You'd find RSS headlines in one easy place. Breaking news of a serious nature and stuff that's just entertaining but made News anyway
  3. A peek at the books and music that are too good not to be shared
  4. Photo Galleries
  5. Financial Tools for currencies and the stock market
  6. Collection of games to while those long hours away
  7. A forum for the opionated or simply talkative
Important words of Thanks
I want to thank the good people and contributors at and across a multitude of sites for the great help and tips that have helped me put this site together. While this is merely a personal site and is not required to accomodate a vast amount of information(Well, it can but you have to scroll a very long way...), the collective resources out there have helped me zest up what is a humble attempt at a blog site with all kinds of nifty codes and applications that the sites's pretty decent in terms of usability and interface.

Thanks to Chris Blunden and all of you out there (when you see your codes, you'd know you've contributed to this site.) Keep the good stuff coming!

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